$19.95Per Month/Per Beacon
  • 1 Small Beacon
  • 200 Active Users Monthly
  • Access to SDK
  • Geofencing
$50per month
  • 3 Small Beacon
  • 1000 Active Users Monthly
  • Access to SDK
  • Geofencing
$500per month
  • 5000 Users Per Month
  • 10 Beacons
  • 2 Large Beacons
  • Full SDK and Dashboard Acess

All you need to know

Need a Bigger Solution?

Our beacons are designed for large installations, one mall, 10 malls, a large venue, a national chain we can and will support your deployment. Please call us at 323-230-3262.

Tiered Pricing

Seems to expensive, OfferAll can package our solution and meet deep discounts over any competitor, guaranteed. You have a big project, lets talk free pilot.

Have Questions?

What are you waiting for, make our phone ring. (Every time it rings our mascot gets a treat, feed our pet.)

Why should I purchase beacons?

If you have questions on the many uses of beacons, please call us. Beacons are a valuable addition to any technology, business, supply chain, mobile application developer and much more. Rich context of micro location makes everything more engaging.

How do we install our beacons?

Beacons come ready to go. You just pull the battery tab and affix to your desired structure.

How many beacons do I need?

This depends, if you are unsure call or email us. Generally speaking its a matter of the application. If you have a large venue you may need a lot (one per every 10 meters around action areas) of beacons to drive the desired actions you want. On the other hand a small business you may only need 1-3 beacons to drive your desired action.

Do we need our own mobile application?

Beacons work with a mobile application, however OfferAll has a number of options including our mobile application which is already set-up to support our beacons and your business. If you have a mobile application then integration is easy and you will be ready to go.

We want end-to-end support.

Great! OfferAll is one of the only companies that will give you end-to-end support from concept inception, development, deployment, management. There is no solution and no size that we can not support.

Can I resell our beacons?

Yes, our publisher program allows you to have a comprehensive merchant dashboard that allows includes beacons purchases, management, loyalty, sms and other marketing tools you can resell and generate revenue from. email us.

I have a business idea for beacons.

Thats great! beacons are destined to make a huge impact on our world. We are a very creative group and love to help with new ideas. Call us well send you some beacons to get you started and help you get your idea underway.

When will i receive my beacons?

Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery for 10 beacons or less. For other clients or larger packages delivery dates are guaranteed in advance.

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